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Provencher Roy has always striven for a responsible, engaged architecture. Our firm, which builds many different types of buildings, primarily pays attention to the requirements of each of its mandates, but it does so with a view to the well-being of the greater community. The agency, which operates in Quebec, Canada and around the world, works to ensure its creations evoke a sense of pride and belonging.

Les services en architecture

Accessibility, compliance with needs, application of current norms and openness to environmental solutions, coupled with a desire to create quality contemporary architecture, are central to our practice. This approach is reflected in all Provencher Roy creations: it is the firm's hallmark.

Services offered

Management / organization

Validation of objectives
Communication protocol
Budget and schedule review
Team structure
Work plan
Quality plan

Analysis of project requirements

Validation of the program and requirements
I dentification of constraints and risks
Analysis of the regulatory framework
Work plan and detailed schedule

Pre-design studies

Analysis of the documentation and completed studies
Definition of required expertise
E nvironmental analysis
Conceptual studies for each discipline
Analysis report