Provencher Roy Provencher Roy

We believe that bringing people who see the challenge of excelling and A passion for their work as a way of life into our team is one of the most stimulating aspects of our profession. Whenever we do, we see it as a new opportunity to take another step on the great adventure of architecture: your vision interests us.

We design our projects the way we build our project teams, i.e., with a global sense of balance between all design elements, with special attention to the needs, requirements and specificities of each project, and a commitment to finding the best fit with the community.

We sincerely believe that everyone who comes to work with us must be able to enjoy a truly fulfilling experience. We understand the demands and day-to-day realities of modern life, and we attach considerable importance to the way we organize our work. And of course, we offer a work environment that meets the highest standards of compatibility and well-being... because we are architects, urban planners and designers building for the human community first and foremost.