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Since 1983, Provencher Roy + Associés Architectes, a dominant presence in urban architecture in Canada, has provided architecture and urban design services to its national and international clientele.


Its wide range of skills are due mainly to the experience of its two founders, Claude Provencher and Michel Roy, as well as the professionalism of more than 130 collaborators whose expertise covers many aspects of architecture and urban design.


In 2005, Provencher Roy + Associés Architectes expanded its range of services by joining forces with the interior design firm Moureaux Hauspy + Associés Designers.


In order to affirm its commitment to sustainable development, the same year it combined its expertise with that of the firm and Beauchamp Bourbeau Architectes. Today, 20 of its employees, including 14 PR+AA architects, are LEED accredited professionals.


The long list of awards the firm has received and the many projects to which it has contributed speak for themselves, and testify to its commitment to architectural excellence, firmly rooted in modernity, as a reflection of its time.

As an expression of the company’s will to participate in charity initiatives serving the pressing needs our world now faces, in 2010 PR+AA participated in the building of the Espoir orphanage in Haiti for the Jacqueline Lessard Foundation on a volunteer basis. This sort of volunteer work is a central part of the social and humanitarian mission the group has adopted.




In the early 80’s, Provencher Roy + Associés emerged as a pioneer of an entirely new way of doing architecture. The innovative approach taken in 1983 by these open-minded young architects tried to grasp the impact architectural designs would have on the environment and the community as a whole, in both time and space. A new approach based on the preservation of legacy structures became part of the new architectural language that would make its mark and become an integral part of urban landscapes.


Now one of the largest architectural firms in Canada, the company still insists on the concept of openness and retains a holistic vision of architecture with a strong leaning toward modernity. This hallmark is now reflected in many large-scale projects it has carried out in different parts of the world.


In the twenty-first century, quality architecture must be attentive to the builders who draw upon its services as well as users of the buildings and the community as a whole.


At a time when preserving the environment has become a vital concern, demanding a universal response, Provencher Roy + Associés Architectes once again confirms the correctness of the global, compassionate, humanistic vision that motivated its founders.


PR Sustainibility: a natural commitment

Every building signed by Provencher Roy + Associés Architectes reflects its absolute commitment to sustainable architecture. This a central concern for the company, one that has been expressed for many years in each of its projects.

For some time now, a number of the company’s staff and executive have been involved in various organizations dedicated to promoting quality of the environment, such as the Canada Green Building Council. The firm also invests heavily in continuing education for its staff.


A dozen of our projects are currently awaiting certification, and nearly 20 of our employees, including 14 architects, are now LEED accredited professionals.


Through a unique integrated design process, PR+AA designs and guides construction of increasingly efficient, advanced buildings to achieve a smaller ecological footprint. Using high-tech simulation tools, our designers devise solutions that allow significantly lower energy consumption, leading to substantial, measurable economic benefits.


The designer of the first LEED ID (Interior Design) project in Quebec, PR+AA has won recognition for many of its works based on their high levels of sustainability: many are LEED NC (New Construction) certified or in the process of LEED EB (Existing Buildings) or LEED ND (Neighbourhood Development) certification. The firm is a leader in this field, as also evidenced by the innovative design of the Université de Montréal Biodiversity Centre, which currently awaits LEED Gold level certification.