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Provencher Roy Programmation assists clients in planning the property assets they require to fully accomplish their missions. Through a detailed understanding and careful analysis of their functional and technical requirements, and with a full grasp of the financial framework governing their activities, our team optimizes each organization’s existing space resources and devises a sensible, thoughtful structuring architecture project in support of its operations.

Les services en programmation

The role of architectural programming is to provide a framework for the construction project. And to plan the scope, duration, budget, and impacts of a project wisely, you must know how to build. The Provencher Roy Programmation team's approach is based on the know-how and practical expertise of more than one hundred individuals who are passionate about architecture. Every day these architects and technologists participate in various types of project—some large, some not so large, some simple, some very complex—in all fields of activity, both public and private.

This vast experience has given rise to a unique methodology for understanding each project's challenges and problems. It enables the team to define precise objectives, lay out guidelines and define the design criteria that best satisfy the project's requirements. Working hand in hand with the client is a key part of the process. It ensures that the solutions we adopt are creative, innovative, and take all functional, operational, economic, sociopolitical, technological, strategic and environmental parameters into account, creating forward-looking projects that are grounded in reality.

Services offered

Development of property master plans (PMP)
Development of functional and technical programs (FTP)
Feasibility studies
Functional and technical analysis of requirements
Detailed datasheets
Site analysis
Financial analysis and estimation
Development of implementation schedules
Preparation of financing package
Phasing studies
Studies of relocation and redevelopment alternatives
Environmental impact assessment
Preliminary environmental certification study