Desjardins – Tour de Montréal

The spectacular space provided by the seven floors of this iconic work of The Montréal Tower is enhanced by a design adapted to the Stadium’s organic volumes in order to give Desjardins’ AccèsD employees a workplace that is stimulating, convivial and creative. The Olympic spirit remains ubiquitous and dovetails with Desjardins’ corporate values thanks to a well-curated selection of historical references to the Stadium’s primary vocation.






Desjardins Gestion immobilière

Surface Area

150 000 pi² (13 935 m²) répartis sur 7 étages



The impressive concrete structure remains visible and is emphasized by the neutral tones of the walls and ceilings. The areas near the windows are unobstructed in order to enable the creation of an architectural promenade along which employees can enjoy spectacular views of the Stadium and the city. Zones for collaboration and relaxation are integrated along the imposing windows.

The space itself is a work tool, with the ultramodern offices incorporating the latest technological equipment in order to attract and meet the needs of a target population aged 25 to 35. There are areas for lounging and entertainment, cafés, and multifunctional rooms. The project thus moves beyond the creation of a workplace to that of an animated, living space.

  • 150 000 pi² sur 7 étages
  • Aire de réception avec vitrine interactive
  • Espace carrière et Co-création
  • 7 salles de réunion multifonctionnelles
  • 11 salles de rencontres
  • 1 auditorium
  • 26 espaces de coaching
  • 1200 postes en aire ouverte pour 1400 employés
  • 23 bureaux fermés
  • Une salle à manger de 400 places incluant une salle multifonctionnelle de 150 places
  • 6 espaces café
  • 6 espaces de divertissement
  • 3 salles de détente
  • 25 salons collaboratifs
  • Un centre de bien-être incluant une salle d’exercice

Le projet transpose l’aménagement d’un « lieu de travail » en un « lieu de vie ».

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