Chenelière éducation

Chenelière Education is a publishing house affiliated with the Transcontinental Group. It is the leader in the publishing of educational works and text books at all levels, from pre-school to university, a position it has held for many years.






Chenelière éducation

Surface Area

35 000

The design strategy called for creating a stimulating, attractive environment for staff and customers while conveying the company’s values and mission. The reception area has thus been reorganized as a warm, friendly space with a number of displays featuring the latest publications. In addition, the layout of work and rest areas, the choice of finishing materials, the colouring concept and the optimization of natural lighting all combine to create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and to occupants’ well-being.

The use of general simple, neutral colouring and the installation of storage islands achieve an harmonious integration of the different finishing materials on the workstations that have been kept. The addition of pure, saturated colours highlights the architectural volumes and gives the space a certain energy and movement, creating reference points for the occupant. The 35,000 square-foot area consists mainly of workstations, a cafeteria and lounge, specialized rooms for discussion groups and a reception area.

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