Architectural and urban approach


The firm is sensitive to its environment and seeks to create projects both contemporary and respectful of their context. Its perspective on architecture and urban planning has always encompassed more than the simple production of designs, buildings and neighbourhoods.

Fuelled by a desire to give cities projects that are both structuring and respectful of the existing urban framework, while imparting a distinctive signature, we have built and solidified our reputation for nearly 40 years now.

Provencher_Roy’s professionals share a vision in which each undertaking constitutes a responsible intervention and favours the development of urban spaces that generate beauty, sociocultural wealth and collective well-being.

Our approach is the result of a transdisciplinary conceptual reflection that unites architecture, urban design and urban planning, interior design and landscape architecture. This reflection pushes us to challenge and analyze each concept in order to develop it to its full potential and achieve the most interesting result. With our integrated architectural and urban approach, we are committed to creating durable works that contribute to shaping tomorrow’s architecture and that convey the importance of this art form in the daily lives of our fellow citizens.

Inspired by projects that enhance a city’s image, our teams design innovative, appropriable spaces that directly shape the urban environment.



Our actions flow from three fundamental principles: understanding the complexity of human activity and its context; building a viable architecture and adapted living environments; and preserving the quality of the built environment.

We have solid experience in the field of sustainable development, whether in architecture, interior design or urban design. Our collaborative, ecosystemic approach enables us to come up with solutions for designing sustainable projects that are adapted to their context and that yield tangible, measurable results.

This is ensured by a team of specialists dedicated to urban issues, siting parameters, energy and comfort considerations, water and waste management, materials and air quality. On a daily basis, these experts adapt to each project to bring out its fill potential, facilitate the integration of issues and stakeholders, and take effective actions to make sustainable architecture a reality. Our determination to create healthier environments also shines through in our internal practices, which revolve around sustainable development and the implementation of environmentally responsible actions. They allow the firm to reduce the environmental footprint of its activities.

The firm takes it upon itself to sensitize order givers to the integration of sustainable practices into infrastructure development.

Indeed, beyond efficiency and life cycle considerations, these practices have a considerable impact on the urban landscape. They help enhance community esthetics and inclusivity, while boosting the positive physical and environmental effects of infrastructures on health. The alignment of architectural and landscape quality with sustainable, ecological solutions enables the well-being of the people at the very heart of our projects.

Provencher_Roy has a long track record with different international certifications, such as LEED, Envision and WELL, and brings that experience to all aspects of a  project: from the design of public spaces to the selection of materials, and from energy efficiency to climate change mitigation. The firm possesses diverse expertise and takes an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to all its projects.



We are staunch believers in the need to build structures and mechanisms that favour sharing, collaboration and the centralization of information.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a collaborative process that generates virtual 3D models rich in transdisciplinary data, both geometric and parametric in nature. This work method makes it possible to structure the information and to share it effectively among all project stakeholders, and to do so throughout the design, construction and use phases.

Our desire to deliver top-quality projects and to be on the cutting edge of new practices as a matter of corporate policy led us to first invest in the use of this technology in 2008. Along with our multidisciplinary and digital service offering, we are now known for our BIM expertise, which in fact was rewarded at the 2017 CanBIM Awards for the Montréal Tower renovation project.

We rely on a team of seasoned professionals tasked with optimizing our various projects. Accurate and reliable BIM modeling that is consistent with functional requirements helps ensure the maintenance of a unique database as well as an effective transfer during the different phases of design and execution in anticipation of subsequent uses, such as asset management and maintenance.

In addition to Revit, we use different technological solutions that enable us to visualize, simulate or analyze a project from all angles, in order to meet the needs of stakeholders and to facilitate present and future decision making.

Quality manual

To satisfy client needs, Provencher_Roy is committed to providing top-quality services by delivering a meticulously executed product that possesses exceptional architectural and urbanistic design, all on time and on budget. To this end, senior management has implemented a quality management system that all employees are familiar with and adhere to.

Our field is in constant flux. Accordingly, the continuous improvement of our practices constitutes our core philosophy. Our Quality Manual is frequently reviewed and updated to uphold our high standards. At Provencher_Roy, no deviation from the quality management system is tolerated: our reputation for reliability, integrity and originality depends on it.

The objectives of our Quality Manual are the following: To ensure a constant quality of our services in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

To continuously comply with the regulatory and normative requirements governed by the profession.

Aim to respect the deadlines and budgets established with clients.

Provencher_Roy souscrit à la norme internationale ISO 9001:2015, qui est un modèle pour l’assurance qualité en conception, développement, production, installation et soutien après-vente.



Research and innovation

Our approach emphasizes any project’s important first phase: the process of exploring and analyzing contextual issues from all angles. The quality of our work is assured thanks to a rigorous research-based approach developed in a collaborative and open spirit. This leads to conclusions and recommendations that value innovation and to the accumulation of an exhaustive bank of references—an essential starting point for the confident and coherent development of a project.

In our studios, mock-ups are often used as a research and exploration tool to develop a project’s massing, as are the latest laser technologies and 3D printing.

This enables us to explore and to discover directions that are sometimes completely unexpected and often rich and creative. A client can thereby participate in the evolution of their project and visualize the orientations and solutions that arise.

This approach fosters an expanded understanding of the issues surrounding the design of the site, its urban context, the architectural expression of the new building and its functional and physical coexistence within its environment. It makes it possible to set the parameters for an intervention to be determined, developed and executed in subsequent project phases and to make sure from the outset that results meet stated expectations. Multidisciplinary group meetings are a common occurrence at Provencher_Roy, and we hold periodic design reviews as well. Our modus operandi is to enhance the quality of our creations through our advanced approach that allows us to choose the best possible outcome.