For an intervention that is authentic and sustainable
Provencher_Roy is a multidisciplinary
firm offering integrated services.

Provencher_Roy, dominant player in the urban architecture in Canada, offers services in architecture, urban design, urban planning and landscape, interior design, industrial design, sustainability and graphic design.

The firm brings together nearly 350 passionate professionals working in all areas of the environment built in Canada and abroad. Its portfolio boasts noteworthy achievements in the institutional sector, as well as in the field of science, including laboratories, educational and transportation facilities, and mixed-use projects integrating office, hospitality and retail vocations. For over thirty years, the group’s innovative approach has been to anticipate the impact of architectural conception and design in time and space, emphasizing the concept of openness and a holistic view of a gesture rooted in modernity, which forms an integral part of urban landscapes.

Over the years, Provencher_Roy deserved over 170 awards and distinctions recognizing the excellence of its projects in Quebec, Canada and abroad.

350 passionate professionals


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Every day, our team of collaborators adapts to each new project to bring out its full potential, facilitate the integration of issues and stakeholders, and take effective actions to make sustainable architecture a reality. This drive to create healthier environments is also present in our organizational practices, which are geared toward sustainable development and the implementation of everyday eco-responsible practices.
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BIM Process
Driven by a desire to deliver the best possible project quality while being at the vanguard of new practices, we have incorporated BIM technologies since 2008. The firm has a multidisciplinary service offering, and is known for its BIM know-how and its team of seasoned and passionate experts who can optimize each project.
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Provencher_Roy is a multidisciplinary firm offering integrated services.

In 1983, Claude Provencher and Michel Roy, driven by a desire to bring into being their renewed vision of architecture, founded Montreal-based firm Provencher_Roy. In the 90s, the pair brought two new partners into the fold, Line Belhumeur and Alain Compéra. It was the era of Pointe-à-Callière and World Trade Centre Montréal, two landmark projects that established the firm as a force in Canadian architecture. At the turn of the millennium, the multidisciplinary group was established with the addition of an interior design leader, the firm Moureaux Hauspy + Associés, which became Provencher_Roy Interior Design. To deepen the firm's commitment to sustainable development, Claude Bourbeau, an expert architect in the field, joined Provencher_Roy in 2005 as a partner. Five years later, in a bid to give the group a boost of momentum, eight new partners were appointed. In the ensuing years, Provencher_Roy's integrated offer has consisted of multidisciplinary and complementary services in architecture, urban planning, urban design and landscape architecture, interior design, sustainable development and graphic design. In 2017, in step with the shift undertaken years earlier to ensure the group's growth well into the future by investing in a new generation of talented and dynamic individuals, Provencher_Roy announced the appointment of 14 new partners. In April 2018, the firm welcomes a new partner, BBBL (Birtz Bastien Beaudoin Laforest architectes). This acquisition made it possible an exceptional pool of expertise in the health, research and primary, secondary and higher education sectors.