Special planning program: Deux-Montagnes West Entrance
 The Special Planning Program (PPU) for the West Entrance was introduced in order to set out the terms for development of the city’s last vacant lots, located at the west end of its territory, bordering the municipality of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac. The area covered by the PPU is divided into two zones separated by Oka Road. The area north of the main road comprises a portion of the property of the Sainte-Marie-des-Deux-Montagnes Abbey, and extends eastward to the 27th Avenue. The second zone borders Lake of Deux-Montagnes to the south and the 26th Avenue to the east. The waterfront on Lake of Deux-Montagnes is located in the floodplain, where building restrictions apply.

The Special Planning Program for this area is intended to optimize land use while ensuring that new buildings blend harmoniously into the existing built environment, and that the views towards the lake are preserved. The document includes guidelines designed to increase density and ensure a uniformity of the built environment on the entire PPU territory, promote social diversity in built-up areas by offering a variety of residential typologies, and lastly, encourage residents to use active and public modes of transportation  for their travels. By-laws amending the Deux-Montagnes urban planning regulations were also drafted as part of the mandate.






City of Deux-Montagnes

Surface Area

75,163 sq m



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