Algonquin college


The new state-of-the-art landmark EDC-CTBS building is to be a top-notch first-class integrated learning centre for student training, innovation and creativity, while being a theatre for sustainability demonstration.The building is destined to become an interactive environment where it would essentially be a “living laboratory”, showcasing the Sustainability Action Plan.






2009 / Concept

The Living Lab concept means that the built environment is part of the educational experience, in an environment that fosters inter-professional collaboration, cross-curricular design, experiential learning and one that encourages informal interactions between students, faculty and exterior industry partners. Designed to facilitate the use of mass transit by integrating the proposed Rail/Bus Transit Station in conjunction with the City of Ottawa, the new EDC-CTBS building would be the cornerstone for the further development of the adjacent Centrepointe Community as well as surrounding area.

The building, a four level volume having a clear presence on Woodroffe  Avenue, and contains mostly classrooms and offices, and creates a civic and urban identity for Algonquin College. Meanwhile, most workshop areas or rooms face the urban green space to the west. An extensive green roof is proposed for 50% of the buildingto promote substantial environmental, economic, and aesthetic benefits for the project. Flexibility, efficiency and sustainability are key to the EDC-CCTBS building design, aspiring for LEED Gold or Platinum certification. National competition for the construction Algonquin College campus of the new Environmental Demonstration Centre for Construction Trades and Building Sciences (EDC-CTBS) and related Southwest Transitway (SWT) Civil Works.

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