AMT Metropolitan Shelter

This bus shelter project, which is still in the prototype stage, was designed in conjunction with a comprehensive rethinking exercise by the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (AMT), which wanted to acquire distinctive street furniture. In addition to the bus shelters, the furniture included multi-material bins, lamp posts and guard rails. In the design process, two strong visual elements, from the Agency’s corporate vocabulary served as starting point for the designers, namely the blue stele and the yellow safety strip.

The project objective was to create a new type of outdoor shelter designed for bus passengers, connecting downtown Montreal to the North Shore, the South Shore and West Island. The challenge was to invent a single item with a strong signature that differs from the existing bus shelters in the Montreal region and highlights AMT public transit services across the metropolitan area.

The very unique bus shelters developed give an impression of transparency and fluidity with their curved glass walls and tempered thermoformed glass whose oblong shape greatly simplifies the installation process. The supporting structure consists of a central steel beam and two stele with blue aluminium cladding plates painted with thermosetting epoxy powder. LED lighting is inserted into the cylindrical beam. The roof, also of curved glass, is treated with Cerafrit motifs to filter the sunlight. The shelter can be doubled in length, depending on traffic needs.






Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) / Ministère des Transport du Québec