AMT Velostation – Gare Deux-Montagnes

The Velostation concept was developed to encourage transit users to use their bikes to get to commuter train stations in Greater Montreal. A pilot project, featuring 78 German-designed bicycle racks on two levels, was implemented in 2013 at the Deux Montagnes station west of Montreal.

The challenge was to accommodate a maximum of bikes in a minimum of space and create a safe, controlled access which protects users’ bikes from the elements and thieves. The designers had to respect the AMT visual identity program; the colour blue was used for the structural stele located at the ends, while bright yellow horizontal bands were placed on the straight and curved tempered glass walls of the Velostation.

This pilot project by the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (AMT) was developed from scratch to handle the rigours of the Quebec climate and respond to the needs of Montrealers. Because it is modular, the Velostation can be installed in single or multiple configurations. Users access it with a non-transferable “key” encoded on their OPUS card; as soon as one of these encoded cards is placed on the reader located at the entry, the sliding main door opens automatically. This controlled access system is one of the innovative aspects of the project.




Deux Montagnes


Agence métropolitaine des transports (AMT)