Atwater filtration plant

In order to meet the requirements of new drinking water quality standards established by the Quebec government in June 2001, the City of Montreal embarked on a major project to bring its facilities into compliance. The mandate was to upgrade all drinking water production facilities, including the Atwater filtration plant.






Ville de Montréal

Surface Area

4 800 m2




Dessau / SNC-Lavalin


Dessau / SNC-Lavalin

In this facility, a new processing chain was developed. It incorporates the latest quality standards and City of Montreal technical and operational requirements governing the production of drinking water, and has two new disinfection systems: ultraviolet radiation and sodium hypochlorite.

Though required to remain within available economic and technical limits, the project was defined by a sustainable, environmentally friendly architecture that reinforces and affirms the importance of the civic infrastructures essential to community life. It is expressed through an architectural language that is both respectful of the natural site and the built heritage value constituted by the Atwater plant itself, but also reflects a consistent contemporary approach in keeping with the desire to promote Montreal as a UNESCO City of Design.

Located in the Sud-Ouest borough, the Atwater filtration plant is a large industrial complex consisting of fifteen heritage buildings, built between 1856 and 1950. Over the years, this complex has undergone major expansion and modernization work that continues to this day.

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