Bélanger Sauvé

The law firm of Bélanger Sauvé decided to locate their new offices in the heart of Montreal’s downtown, on the 9th floor of 5 Place Ville-Marie. The features of the site—the urban environment, proximity to the prestigious business district and a direct view of 1 Place Ville-Marie—dictated the general tone for the project and defined our layout choices. The concept was based on an uncluttered, environmentally friendly architectural design approach. A reflection of the firm’s image and success, the reception area is the centrepiece of the project.






Bélanger Sauvé Avocats

Surface Area

17 888 pi.ca.



Thanks to its transparency and linkage to adjacent rooms, such as the boardroom and library, this elegantly appointed space is laid out to take advantage of a direct view of Place Ville-Marie and admit as much daylight as possible.

In addition, further openings to the exterior, also highly transparent, have been created to magnify the incoming light. The result is a composition of pure architectural forms, as well as vast visual and spatial flows structured in black and white. For consistency, the same colour code is followed in the office spaces.

For environmental purposes and for budgetary reasons, we decided to recycle some elements from the existing premises. For example, we kept 75 % of the office partitions and doors, as well as furniture from the law offices. We have also given the reception desk a new lease on life by adding granite and marble components.

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