Bell Sports Complex

Located at the western end of Brossard’s Quartier Dix30, this sports complex is the result of a partnership between the Canadiens Hockey Club, Axor Group and the City of Brossard. The project juxtaposes two monolithic blocks, the larger of which, housing a soccer field, is treated in a very simple, uniform style with smooth white metal cladding that accentuates its lightness and helps it blend into the environment.







Groupe Axor inc.

Surface Area

21 000 m²



The second block, comprising arenas, commercial and public areas and private Canadiens’ spaces, has a more massive, imposing appearance. Its storefronts, with their ample windows, are made of brick and phenolic resin cladding, with curtain walls, to present a solid façade.

The building, designed primarily to hold Canadiens’ training sessions, houses a variety of facilities:

  • 2 arenas built to NHL standards that are virtually identical to the Bell Centre in Montreal,
  • An indoor soccer field built to FIFA standards,
  • Adjoining changing rooms and facilities for the different teams,
  • Bleachers that seat up to 400 spectators,
  • Food courts with an unobstructed view of the sports facilities,
  • The Canadiens’ facility, including a fitness centre and an ultra modern clinical treatment room, change rooms, media room, room for press conferences, administrative offices, locker rooms, equipment rooms and, lastly, indoor parking for 50 cars,
  • A fitness centre and physiotherapy rooms,
  • The Habs Zone store
  • Outdoor parking for the building.

The Training Centre, is easily visible from Autoroute 10, has good road signage, and the Montreal Canadiens logo is displayed on the building façade.


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