Brainstorming workshop on land use and development vision for the Outremont Site and surroundings
 The mandate consisted of organizing and hosting a brainstorming workshop in order to generate an overall vision and preferred scenarios for the development of public and private spaces at the Outremont Site. The workshop was attended by representatives of the Ville de Montréal, the Outremont borough and the Université de Montréal. The aim was to reach a consensus on a number of concrete, specific and realistic scenarios, then to choose and encapsulate the optimal scenario that would define the land development vision for the site, thus enabling both partners to enter the next design phase. We sought to organize an event where all participants were required to play an active role in coming up with and exploring ideas—thus making the ultimate outcome not a comprimise, but a consensus.

This co-design day allowed participants to see the status of the development project, to visit the areas around the site in order to fully grasp the issues and challenges involved, and to work in small groups on those aspects of the project to be enhanced through visual support (quality of links with surrounding neighbourhoods, types of uses, interaction between the different parts of the site, creation of memorable spaces, location of uses, and accessibility).






Vile de Montréal