Central Hall Fixtures – Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion – MMFA

The fixtures in the main lobby of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, consisting of a counter and a sun shield, fit in well with the redesign of lobby’s architectural idiom by referencing the simple geometry of the site; viewed head on, they appear orthogonal, while from an angle, diagonal. The ensemble is thus enhanced by the duality of the primary shapes of the triangle and rectangle.






Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal

Surface Area

310 m²


Koa Construction


Marc Cramer

The massive counter is simply stunning as it appears to defy gravity by floating on one if its points, thus generating considerable tension and interesting perspectives. The marble that envelops it has veins crisscrossing the various surfaces—which give the impression of a folded sheet—and evokes the materiality of the building. Identical counters are also present in the VIP area and the cloackroom.

The fixtures have an interplay with the glass roof, the sun shield presenting the same angle as the roof while the counter’s profile varies inversely with the section of the lobby.

As for the sun shield, it is made of clear anodized aluminum slats and hangs above the central space. It blocks out the heat and sun while creating interesting contrasts of shadow and light throughout the day.

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