The strength of this project is that it promotes the Cogela brand as a construction company. The project is characterized by a minimalist industrial design approach inspired by construction sites  : visible assemblages of materials, concrete floor and exposed ceiling tile. The work areas, located in front of windows, are open-plan and ringed by offices with glass façades. The dominant white treatment accentuates the interior’s luminosity.







Cogela Construction inc.

Surface Area

7 300 pi2



Other Collaborators

Trium Mobilier de bureau


Yves Lefebvre

An open, friendly, creative space
A red corrugated metal container, lined with marine plywood, encloses the reception, stationery and printer space. Opposite it, in a red glass cage, is the company server. A second container is used for storage, and forms a division behind which a meeting space is located.

A friendly atmosphere is created by living spaces (kitchen and open meeting areas) with tables made from recycled wood and industrial-type lamps.

The kitchen is adjacent to the “lounge” area. The lounge can be extended into the main meeting room through an industrial-type garage door so as to create a large space for receptions or meetings.

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