Cristal Boutique Hotel – Kinshasa

The Cristal boutique hotel in Kinshasa meets the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s growing demands for this type of establishment. Unabashedly contemporary, the 128-room hotel deploys a spectrum of black and white tones, a blend of creams and greys, peppered with golden flourishes. Its design expresses the duality between the leisurely sophistication of the day and the ultra chic vibe of the night.


République démocratique du Congo





Other Collaborators

Martine Dressou Designer intérieur


Architecture 49

Fine, L-shaped lines form the leitmotif of the hotel. The lines are ubiquitous: in the recessed LEDs of the foyer; in fine golden tones adorning a restaurant’s columns; in the white lines of the terrace. The lighting fixtures are resolutely modern, varied, and create a different mood for each location.

Inside the rooms, the same colour scheme can be found, minus the golden tones, for a relaxing, minimalist ambiance. Generous fenestration allowing for an abundance of natural illumination,  an assortment of textures, straightforward furnishings, and an array of greys combine to give each room a calm, spacious feel.

Among the materials used, marble and wood stand out to produce a sophisticated presence.
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