Demers Beaulne

Demers Beaulne is a growth accounting firm that can draw on over 30 years of consulting experience. The firm decided to relocate its staff to Place Montreal Trust. Our interior design services were key in creating a more spacious work area in order to promote synergy between employees and the different departments. The client’s objective was to project a more modern professional image in keeping with its corporate values.






Demers Beaulne

Surface Area

2 601 m² (28 000 pi²)




Avicor Construction

The project is defined by the words light, transparency and timelessness. After the lobby, the reception area is designed as a showcase, open and transparent. A central volume of dark wood frames the reception function and expresses the firm’s signature by evoking solidity and strength. This volume contrasts perfectly with the ambient light created by a white lacquer wall coating.

In a more functional approach, the furniture in the cafeteria has been recycled and positioned so as to create a clean, welcoming environment. The glass walls that divide office areas facilitate visual communication and the transmission of natural light. A touch of colour is provided by the treatment of the floor, which adds a warm tone to the stark whiteness of the space. When this project is completed, the customer will enjoy an elegant, accessible design, and at the same time substantially improve quality of life at work and staff satisfaction.

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