Development scenarios – Ville de Saint-Lazare

The Ville de Saint-Lazare has begun construction of a primary road connecting Duhamel and de Carillon streets. The project is comprised of three phases; the first two are currently underway with the construction of the roadway.

The mandate consisted of determining the optimal path for the street, whose aim was to connect two different areas of the city, and to evaluate the development potential in terms of cadastral parcelling of the land in question. A final objective was to implement two development scenarios for the property, in the form of a low-density and a medium-density subdivision. Planning for the development took into account the following:

  • The area would be served only by the municipal water supply network, thus requiring larger lots for isolated, single-family dwellings;
  • The area has substantial ecological value because of the presence of wetlands;
  • The area has an irregular shape, and is crossed by railway tracks;
  • A higher-density development is conceivable, in keeping with the objectives of the Montreal Metropolitan Community’s Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan (PMAD).






Ville de Saint-Lazare