Development vision for the albatros neighbourhood – Saint-Eustache

The Special Planning Program (PPU) for the Albatros neighbourhood is intended to plan redevelopment of the Deux-Montagnes golf course, covering an approximate area of 624,211 sq m (6.72 million sq. ft.) located south of the City of Saint-Eustache. The site is located in a non-agricultural area, and its redevelopment for residential and industrial use will allow the community to grow without threatening the sustainability of agricultural activities in the region located west of the golf course.

The area’s appeal is due to exceptional landscape components that will be integrated into the overall project design. The PPU provides for the creation of a new residential neighbourhood on the north of the site, offering a variety of residential typologies to attract a diverse mix of households. The southern section, meanwhile, will be the site of a new industrial park where measures will be taken to minimize the impact of these activities on adjacent areas. In the medium term, if a commuter train station is built in Saint-Eustache, a portion of the site could accommodate a TOD (Transit Oriented Development) area, which would combine a variety of urban functions and thus create an effective living environment around a transit hub.

In conjunction with this mandate, our firm was also responsible for drawing up by-laws and presenting the Special Planning Program to residents of Saint-Eustache at a public consultation meeting in August 2013.






City of Saint-Eustache

Surface Area

624,211 sq m



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