Dubaï Healthcar City – Wellnes Cluster – Phase II

The Phase II Medical and Wellness Clusters development is designed to complement the structure and comprehensive offerings of the University Medical Complex facilities of Phase I. The site extends eastward toward the Dubai Wildlife and Water Bird Sanctuary, thereby offering a unique opportunity for development in a natural setting that projects an environment of tranquility and well-being. The design objective is to create an oasis of calm and wellness, which promotes a synergy among the various occupants and users of the facilities.


Émirats arabes unis




Groupe Candex

Surface Area

835 650 m2




Cardinal Hardy & Associés architectes / Jodoin Lamarre Pratte & Associés architectes / Groupe Arcop

The approximately 9 million sq. ft. (835,650 m2) site is essentially flat with practically no vegetation. The proposed site treatment will reflect the traditional landscape patterns of Dubai, such as sandy dunes and oases, as well as saltwater swamps with mangroves.

The overall organization of buildings is inspired by heritage Islamic architecture with low buildings grouped around courtyards, and a predominance of geometric forms for the formal gardens, fountains, arcades and shadings. A hierarchy of building types ranges from the larger volumes for the hotel, spas and clinics to smaller residential buildings.

Special attention is paid to separating vehicle and pedestrian traffic, with screened-off parking areas and a well-defined pathway for pedestrians.

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