Esplanade of Place des Arts

The esplanade of Montréal’s Place des Arts—a gathering place for the city’s arts and culture community—will be expanded and renovated for 2018, in order to return it to its vocation as a public space. As major renovation work was necessary, Place des Arts directors seized the opportunity to completely overhaul the Esplanade, a site now at the very heart of the city’s festivals and artistic happenings—a use well beyond its original vocation








Société de la Place des Arts

Surface Area

15 000 m²




Gérance de construction : CIMA +




Vlan Paysage


Éclairage Public - Gilles Arpin

Civil Engineering


Because water has become one of the site’s most popular features, two pools will be built on the Esplanade. As well, special consideration will be given to ensuring the necessary infrastructures are in place to provide lighting experts and set designers with infinite creative possibilities. And numerous trees and vegetation will be integrated into the site as part of the redesign project.

As a first phase, the new design calls for levelling the Esplanade’s main area and transforming it essentially into a giant urban stage, more versatile, accessible and inviting than a multilevel site.

The project will be rolled out in several stages, with work being halted during the summer so as not to interfere with the cultural activities planned around the site.

On the technical front, an anchoring system discreetly integrated into the ground slabs—the brainchild of designer Michel Dallaire—will facilitate the assembly of tents, shelters and other structures intended as venues for shows and activities of a transient nature. Channels for cabling and water supply stations are included as well, which will simplify assembly and dismantling operations.

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