Forestel Hotel

The Forestel Hotel in Val d’Or is a must see in this small city in northern Quebec. Located at the entrance to the city on the main road to Montreal, it boasts 95 rooms and suites, and is also the only major conference centre in the area.

Planned over a 2 to 3 year phase-in, the hotel has adopted a vision to become a four-star establishment, in compliance with Best Western Premier brand standards.




Val d'Or


Best Western Hotels




Monette Leclerc St-Denis & Associés Architectes

A bar-cum-restaurant welcomes travellers and also offers the public a taste local fare. This unique hotel extends its hospitality to all types of clientele, and has an infrastructure that can accommodate various types of event.

The basic architecture dates back to the 1960s A special study of choices of materials was required to ensure consistency and harmony with the surrounding area.avec les environs.

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