Holiday Inn Express Hotel

The project is part of the new generation of Holiday Inn Express hotels. Development was to be based on criteria of comfort and size. The building’s structure and the architectural components posed limitations that forced us to propose an innovative design.










Céline Degré Designer

For the large entrance hall and lounge, a double-height volume creates an extended space. In the hall, this layout is enhanced by a series of aligned columns that perfectly delineate the library and fireplace area. The materials used are common, simple, comfortable and timeless.

The brunch room is very versatile: it can be used in its entirety for breakfast or configured as an extension of the lounge the rest of the day. For this section, a modern bistro with a very elegant architectural design incorporates elegant buffet counters and the table supporting the main TV. The lounge design is also conceived so as to encourage circulation of guests around it. This creates more encounters between guests and encourages more intimate gatherings.

This project has resulted in a classic, graceful layout with a design that is original and unlike any of the other economy hotels.

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