Saint-Jérôme Hospital

The new mental health pavilion is located in proximity to Saint-Jérôme’s existing hospital. The building has a floor area of 14,750 m2, a north-south orientation, and frontage along de Montigny street. Its independent, functional and strategically located access points organize the site’s pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The project maintains an urban scale throughout, maximizing the use of natural light and opening out generously onto the surrounding green spaces.






Hôpital Saint-Jérôme




Yelle Maillé et Associés Architectes / Yves Woodrough Architectes

The massing of the real estate solution is in keeping with current key trends inspired by the latest hospital sector achievements around the world. These benchmark projects provide a humanizing setting more akin to that of a residential community than of an institutional environment.

Numerous studies have shown this type of environment not only has a positive effect on patients, but also ensures healthcare staff a workplace that is pleasant and conducive to their tasks, thus empowering them to deliver quality services to users. This is the perspective with which we embarked upon this flagship project, establishing interconnected volumes favoring a diversity of spaces on a human scale and in harmony with outdoor elements.

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