Le Slang – Labo à Manger

The basic concept of Le Slang restaurant was to create a 60s industrial laboratory environment. The owner described the tone and feel he wanted for his restaurant. The designers then located and purchased various pieces of equipment from culinary, photography, chemistry and other laboratories. These items are on display in the main part of the restaurant in a bookcase built of steel and treated to retain its natural appearance. The ambiance is retro, and above all industrial. The kitchen, meanwhile, is completely open and forms the central hub of activity.







Le Slang

Surface Area

3700 pi2




Yves Lefebvre

To create this industrial environment, the designers relied heavily on assembly details like welds and rivets, placing a strong emphasis on contrasts. Fine woods are juxtaposed with recycled materials; very dark walls contrast with high gloss, shiny kitchen ceramics; a rugged steel frame supports finely bevelled mirrors. In keeping with the concept, the resulting experience is one of duality: simple and refined, distinctive.

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