International Firm

Montréal. To reinforce their togetherness, the y decided to move into four consecutive floors in the same location. It was the perfect moment to freshen up their interior design and to incorporate a strong brand identity in their office. The reception has a classic and high-end look that suits the mission of this international corporation. A monumental open stairs that leads into the reception connects the four floors.





Surface Area

100,000 p² ( 9,290 m² ) divided on floors


Stéphane Groleau


Closed offices for executive and cubicle spaces for employees are aligned in the working areas. The workstations are on the edge of the space to give everybody access to the natural light. A neutral palette of white, grey and bl ack tints the pl ace. To energize the workstations, strategic walls and furniture have a flamboyant red, yellow or orange colour.


A modern conference centre with high-end technology and a tech-sav v y training centre were also added to the office. With their adjustable configuration, they can host different activities and fulfill a large variety of needs. The traditional conferences rooms for employees meeting are also rejuvenated. All over the office, noble materials – wood, stone, metal and glass – stand out.

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