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Maison de l’aérospatiale du Grand Montréal

The Maison de l’aérospatiale du Grand Montréal (MAGM) project emerged from a consultation process involving various stakeholders in the aerospace industry, followed by a scoping study (2009-2010) and a feasibility study (2010-2011). The aim of MAGM is to provide Greater Montreal with a showcase to publicize achievements in the field of aerospace.






Développement économique Longueuil (DEL)

Surface Area

3 600 m2


2011 / Study


Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

The proposed architectural design will give the MAGM and the École nationale d’aréotechnique (ÉNA) greater visibility within the Longueuil agglomeration. It involves development of an exhibition and activity area that will entirely transform the facade of the building and open a new contemporary, innovative main entrance, reflecting the character of the industry, which represents the cutting edge of technology.

The MAGM architectural design includes:

  • the addition of a technology showcase, a documentation centre, an exhibition hall and multimedia projection room with a total area of 3600 m2.
  • These additions require the demolition of part of the building, which will be replaced by a two-storey structure respecting the volume of the existing building;
  • relocation of the ÉNA library and classrooms to allow a synergy of knowledge between the educational institution and MAGM;
  • construction of a 15 m tower that will enable visitors to observe the surrounding airport facilities;
  • renovation of the interior of the ÉNA with the creation of two separate exploratory paths, one for observation and the other for immersion.

The intimate relation between the institution and its environment is expressed by large glass walls on the front and side facades as well as a hangar door typical of aerospace facilities. In addition, two continuous skylights at the ends of the roof provide natural lighting for the exhibition area and the new library, in addition to creating a visual link with the sky, a medium of exploration and air transportation.

The project will make it possible to showcase existing assets, such as the many aircraft that are in the hangars at the rear of the building, to which visitors have access, as well as the new Centre technologique en aérospatiale (CTA) technical support centre. This new integrated package will enrich visitors’ experience and renew students’ and the ÉNA community’s sense of belonging and pride.

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