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Mascouche Arena

This new major sports complex installation is designed to meet the needs of the City of Mascouche’s population for a minimum period of 40 years. The arena, one of the most modern, boasts two ice rinks separated by a central service area that houses ten rooms for skaters and players. The exterior services equipment is integrated into the structure to maintain the aesthetics of the new building, covered in warm-toned materials.






Groupe Axor inc.

Surface Area

7 432 m2



The first ice rink is 60 metres by 25 metres and can welcome more than 600 spectators; 400 seated and 200 standing. The second rink is 56 metres by 26 metres and can hold 100 seated spectators. Wooden benches, fixed to heated concrete bleachers, ensure a comfortable space for the spectators. A specially designed ceiling keeps the temperature down to preserve the ice. A large exterior electronic panel, visible from the Highway 25 entrance ramp, is installed at the back of the building and publicizes all the current events.

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