Founded in June 2004, Mindgeek is an international organization with corporate offices in North America and Europe. The corporation has a reputation for excellence in several areas of web technology. Moureaux Hauspy + Associés Designers has been mandated to carry out planning and development of six floors of the client’s building. The firm wanted to highlight in the professionalism it brings to its services and quality of life it provides for its employees. It was thus necessary to create efficient, open spaces to accommodate 200 employees per floor. Particular emphasis was also placed on allowing all workers to enjoy natural lighting.







Surface Area

115 000 pi.ca.



The entries are flanked by white lacquered panels set off by simple, but effective lighting. Accents of cabinetry on the walls with finished edges were added to the bottom of pale coloured sections to add texture and depth. Whites and grays provide a reminder of the company’s brand image. The unique furniture, made in Germany, will be installed in Quebec for the first time.

The design project includes the creation of team meeting and training areas, open work areas, a space on the ground floor with a reception, cafeteria and coffee bar, a gym and a relaxation room for employees. A corporate level as well as a few distinctive departments will also be redesigned.



Interior design Award - Office more than 20 000 sq. ft., Grands Prix du Design 2013