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Montreal Expos Baseball Stadium

The architectural concept was founded on the principles of lightness and transparency, with views onto the outside. The stadium was designed exclusively for baseball with a unique curved geometry affording unparalleled proximity between the ballpark and the spectators. A transparent glass wall follows the stadium curve to reveal activities in the neighbourhood. During the day, the transparent wall reflects the surrounding environment and at night, it gives passersby a glimpse of the game.

Note: Construction documents for a new Montreal Expos Stadium were 75% complete when the project was put on hold.






Groupe Axor inc.
Les Expos

Surface Area

Stade : 70 340 m² / Commerces : 2 600 m² / Administration : 3 500m² / Stationnement : 600 places


Phase 1 : 1999 - Concept / Phase II : 2015


Bouthillette Parizeau


Pasquin St-Jean & Associés

To ensure a harmonious integration into the neighbourhood, the project included a large public square and a landscaped park. The square and the park, both accessible to the local community, create a smooth transition between a major sports facility and the residential districts in this part of downtown Montreal. The stadium program consisted of 36 287 seats, 66 corporate boxes and an exclusive club with 257 seats.

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