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Montreal Planetarium


The pavilions of the Biôdome, the Olympic Pool, the Olympic Stadium and the Pierre-Charbonneau Centre all share a bright, modern architecture, with ubiquitous concrete structures and harmoniously proportioned curved, soaring forms. To achieve a form that blends unobtrusively into this group but avoids outright mimicry, the design of the new Planetarium seeks to redefine the relationships between the different buildings on the site by creating a public square that binds them together. The proposed project thus seeks to create a new spatial and formal concordance between the various elements of the site, in addition to restructuring this unique environment.






Ville de Montréal

Surface Area

6205 m2


2009 / éTUDE

Inspired by the distinctive character of the Olympic Complex, the volumetric architecture of the new Planetarium evokes the vastness of the universe with its simple, pure forms in a unifying system that projects a powerful, evocative, recognizable image, which nevertheless respects its built environment. The volumetric approach preserves the visual corridor pointing toward the concrete arch located at the base of the Olympic mast from the plaza in front of the Viau metro station and Rue Pierre-de-Coubertin.

The concept explores an architectural language inspired by heavenly bodies—planets and stars—and their movements in space. The new Planetarium thus exudes a grandeur and elegance worthy of a major scientific and cultural institution. The eastern elevation of the new planetarium, facing the public square, beckons to the arriving visitor. Its glass façade reveals the restaurant, waiting area, Star Theatres and the ramp leading up to the permanent exhibition. A statue of Copernicus clearly indicates the entrance to the new Planetarium. For historical interest, works of art and commemorative works are on display at various points throughout the new Planetarium. The layout, volumetric approach and transparency of the proposed structure are the new Planetarium’s distinguishing features.

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