Museum Collections Centre

The project consists in converting a former garage into a centre containing space and services for storage of 12 museum collections. The structure, built in 1929, was originally the Dow Brewery garage-workshop, and later served as parking for the Molson-O’Keefe Brewery. This building, which has witnessed the heyday of the brewing industry in Montreal, has an industrial-type architecture with Art Deco ornamentation typical of its time.

Sustainable Design

  • Building recycling
  • Protection of the envelope
  • Waste disposal
  • Management of waste created by construction






Société des directeurs des musées montréalais

Surface Area

14 000 m2



The challenge was to preserve the existing envelope while maintaining the environmental conditions required for the conservation of museum collections. The intervention required the creation of a dynamic pressurized wall on the outside perimeter to prevent high humidity levels from damaging the components of the existing envelope. Recycling the building also required reconstruction of the envelope (windows, masonry, roof), demolition of parking ramps and the addition of new slabs, upgrading of seismic reinforcement, addition of stairs and upgrading of exits to modern standards, addition of a high-capacity hoist, and various repairs.

The building design plan made it possible to group the common areas (loading dock, staging area, offices, services, equipment rooms) and axes of movement into the core area, so that areas specific to each museum could be served more efficiently. In addition to reserve and storage space, the centre includes conservation workshops, a photography studio and a documentation centre.



Award of Excellence, Canadian Museums Association

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