Planning an ecological neighbourhood in Mercier

This residential project, developed by the City of Mercier with support from Provencher_Roy Urbanisme, is located at the intersection of Highways 138 and 30.The municipality is currently trying to cope with a shortage of land within the city limits. It took advantage of the completion of Highway 30 and the adoption of the Metropolitan Usage and Development Plan to propose a residential project inspired by the principles of TOD (Transit Oriented Development) near the bus terminal, on which it hopes to base its development for the next 20 years.

The project aims to create a dynamic living environment in a sustainable development perspective. It owes its unique character to optimal land use with increasing density, reduction of paved surfaces and natural drainage of rainwater into a public park laid out along the course of an existing stream which maintains riparian buffer zones.

Out of a potential 48 hectares for development, 28 will be devoted to residential development with a mix of home types, including multi-family dwellings, semi-detached and row houses, and a residence for the elderly. Residents of the multiplex will have access to a common space comprising approximately 0.3 hectares of green space that can accommodate a swimming pool or children’s playground. The project will be accessible from Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard thanks to a collector with a 30 meter right of way, which will allow for construction of a bicycle path and a footpath connecting to the highway 138. A 20-meter radius roundabout will be located east of the stream to allow direct access to the commercial development, public market and school of agriculture planned for the area north of the project, and ensure smooth traffic flow within the sector.






City of Mercier

Surface Area

499,117 sq m




Ville de Mercier

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