Presse Café – Saint-Laurent

Presse Café is a concept integrated into a commercial chain, some of whose personality traits are engraved in the brand’s standards. The firm has built a few outlets. The one on Saint Lawrence Boulevard at Prince Arthur is remarkable in that it was created on a very low budget.






Les Cafés V.P

Surface Area

1830 pi2




Construction Réali-Tech Inc.

As a result, the designers had to make a strong architectural statement: a wall that extends along the ceiling is treated as an object in space. The motif applied to it was developed by the team in order to reinforce the message. Everything else is treated simply: the floors were cleaned, the brick wall painted white, and countertops harmonized with the general concept behind Presse Café.

The end result expresses a unique personality and a different experience, yet still in the spirit of a brand that imposes strict limits.

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