Revitalization of Sainte-Catherine Street, and redevelopment of Philips Square and place du Frère-André

Provencher_Roy is proud to announce its role as the main designer for the Sainte-Catherine Street West project, as revealed in April by Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante. The redevelopment concept reflects the desire to strengthen the singular and composite identity of Sainte-Catherine Street. The project seeks to express the great collective and innovative ambitions of this artery that is much loved by Montrealers and the city’s many visitors. Interestingly, the urban furniture was designed by Michel Dallaire, an industrial designer at Provencher_Roy.






Ville de Montréal


2020 - Sainte-Catherine Street West / 2022 - Phillips Square and the "Frère André Place"



Urban Furniture

Michel Dallaire

Civil Engineering


The redevelopment concept offers a gesture that is at once unifying, symbolic and informative. The objectives are met through a series of strategies that satisfy the needs and specifics of both the adjacent and the broader contexts. The interventions dot the space and promise to enrich Sainte-Catherine Street’s evolution. The concrete pavement is laid in a pattern evoking the bars displayed by an audio equalizer largely based on the flow of pedestrians along the artery. To orient this pattern, a hierarchy comprised of three tiers of intensity of the urban beat—high, average and low—is proposed, resulting in an asymmetrical motif that informs the rhythm of the street.


Phillips Square, revisited

The firm has also been awarded the mandate for the redevelopment of Phillips Square, which will see the public square return to its historical form: a rectangular block traversed by two intersecting pathways. The crossing paths invite visitors to pass through the square by the shortest path, from one end to the other, in the process discovering the public space at its centre, which will hold the monument to Edward VII. The proposed geometry accentuates this flow. A water presence is established through the conversion of the monument’s vegetative base into a water element.


The “Frère André Place”

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