SAP Montréal

SAP is a leader in the field of business management applications, solutions and services. This fast-track type project was intended to improve office space functionality, and accommodated a series of leasehold improvements and relocation of some departments under one roof. The concept, including closed and open spaces, sought to create a warm, well-lit environment and was to incorporate solutions to significantly improve acoustics in the premises.






SAP Montréal

Surface Area

105 000 pi² (9 755 m²)





Other Collaborators

Consultant en aménagement de lieu de travail : Aecom / Mobilier : Espace Solution - Distributeur Herman Miller / Trium Mobilier de bureau - Distributeur Steelcase


Stéphane Groleau

The clear glass partitions installed for closed offices and conference rooms made for optimal natural lighting in open areas, and helped create a sense of openness and accessibility. For the lighting, we proposed halogen lamps in most open common areas in order to create a dynamic environment. The conference rooms, meanwhile, are equipped with fluorescent direct and indirect lights that provide effective, comfortable illumination for clients as well as employees during presentations.

In terms of acoustics, improved performance is achieved through various solutions, combining installation of acoustic fabric panels on some walls to absorb noise, and carpets in all rooms and the central corridor, as well as curtains in the lounge.

The overall result conveys the SAP brand image of a dynamic, efficient and innovative company. The choice of materials, colour and planning of the spaces all reflect the firm’s personality.