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Sonatrach Archives Centre


Dedicated to the processing, conservation and distribution of documentaries about Sonatrach, a world leader in the field of energy, the Archives Centre concept is based on a functional allocation of activities, each one treated as a distinct entity.




Oued Smar





In accordance with the program, a a strict horizontal segregation is made between the offices, technical premises, public spaces on the first floor, which are open to the exterior, and document storage areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors, which are restricted. The choice of materials reflects the Centre’s various functions: glazing for the curtain walls in zones accessible to the public and a sandstone external envelope on the volume containing the restricted-access storerooms.

The transparency of the ground floor and the entrance hall’s atrium is in stark contrast to the opaque, imposing volume above, containing the two floors of archives. The interplay of the built volumes and the spaces between them and the opposition of horizontals and verticals emphasize the truly modern character of the architecture. Compartmentalized and functional spaces for 25 storerooms, adhering to all control and security guidelines, guarantee protection of the documents from both fire and water.

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