Special planning program for dowtown Victoriaville

The aim of the mandate was to develop a Special Planning Program (SPP) for the downtown area in order to ensure the latter plays a strategic role in the city’s economic and civic life. Moreover, innovative land use practices were to inform the detailed planning process.

Accordingly, the Ville expressed a desire to have a tool that enabled it to identify those interventions likely to improve the downtown core’s physical components, which would in turn contribute to creating innovative and sustainable land uses conducive to business, social activity and events. Thus, the city sought, through its SPP, to make the downtown area:

  • A vital business hub;
  • A green, on-trend district with a unique signature;
  • An attractive, distinctive and lively place to live;
  • Safe, accessible and shareable for all users.

The action plan proposes solutions that are bold, and forms part of a structured intervention process that will guide and inform the Ville de Victoriaville’s initiatives and those of its business community.

A comprehensive public hearing process was established, which included the development of an interactive platform as well as work and ideation sessions with citizen input. The SPP thus reflected the concerns and desires of citizens, and the social inclusiveness process was facilitated as a result.







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