Special Planning Program for Royalmount sector and concordance by-laws – Town of Mount Royal

The approach to developing a Special Planning Program (SPP) for the Royalmount sector was a consequence of the town council’s decision to undertake a reflection on the redevelopment and revitalization of the industrial sector. Provencher_Roy was mandated to move ahead with the drafting of the SPP, whose aim was to ensure the consolidation of this strategic space located in the heart of the city.

The industrial sector has undergone numerous structural transformations over the years, as have the other industrial zones of Greater Montreal. The gradual evolution of these areas offers genuine opportunities for urban requalification, from the point of view of sustainable development and innovation.

The vision for the future of the industrial district is that of a prosperous area with a flourishing, sustainable economy oriented towards a multi-use vocation.

The following development orientations and objectives serve as guidelines for the sector’s redevelopment:

  • To enrich urban functions in the sector through a diversification of the authorized uses;
  • To optimize the efficiency of the road network in order to facilitate motorized travel and access to the site;
  • To maximize the use of vacant spaces through an intensification of economic activity;
  • To give a significant role to public transit when planning the sector;
  • To create a favourable environment for active travel;
  • To develop a prosperous neighbourhood with a distinctive signature.

The action plan includes innovative and sustainable strategies within a framework of structured planning intended to inform all interventions in the Royalmount sector. The final stage was the drafting of concordance by-laws to ensure that urban planning regulations are in conformity with the land use and development orientations set out in the SPP.




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