Special planning program: Grand-Moulin Station – Deux-Montagnes

The Oka Road and Grand-Moulin Station Special Planning Program (PPU) was initiated in order to lay out a detailed building plan for growth in the vicinity of the Grand-Moulin station and Oka Road in Deux-Montagnes. A harmonious densification of the built environment is planned to meet the minimum thresholds for residential density set by the Metropolitan Urban Development Plan (PMAD) in the vicinity of structured public transit axes, with a minimum objective of 40 units per hectare. By adopting a PPU, the municipality seeks to preserve this sector’s exceptional small-town character.

The PPU territory embraces a well consolidated residential environment and includes a series of architecturally interesting original buildings, a main shopping street that is now fragmented (Oka Road), as well as green spaces bordering the Mille-Îles River and Lake of Deux-Montagnes itself. The document identifies the most suitable areas for densification, as well as guidelines and objectives to enhance the waterfront, stimulate business activity on Oka Road and encourage good environmental practices throughout the area.

In addition to the elaboration of the planning document, our firm was responsible for drafting the by-laws amending the Deux-Montagnes urban planning regulations. Provencher_Roy Urbanisme also helped run a public consultation meeting to present the Special Planning Program to residents and solicit their opinions and suggestions for the future of their city.










Ville de Deux-Montagnes

Surface Area

SECTEUR DE PPU 1,8 million m²



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