Strategic vision for the South-East district – City of Westmount
 The City of Westmount has developed a master vision for the future development of a well-delineated portion of its territory, the South-East district. This vision represents the culmination of a process of reflection on the urban environment’s potential for densification and development, integrating such diverse considerations as the existing built environment, the configuration of certain roadways, the commercial revitalization of Sainte-Catherine Street, the adoption of a new landscaping idiom, the growth of active travel, and the improvement of the pedestrian networks linking existing and planned communities.

The process further involves adapting existing urban planning regulations to reflect new directions and trends in land use and development, with the aim of providing guidance for future construction projects within the district. A regulatory strategy has thus been developed to amend the urban development plan and to establish the concordance by-laws. Add to this the drafting of an interim control resolution to allow the municipal council to analyze the ramifications of the strategic vision.

To improve quality of life and ensure an optimal reweaving of the urban fabric and revitalization of the business sector, the latest trends in real estate and in urban design, together with the principles of sustainable development, have informed the development of the master vision and the regulatory strategy.






City of Westmount



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