Sustainable Master Plan for Technopôle Angus – Phase II

The Société de développement Angus (SDA) retained our firm’s services to complete the Technopôle Angus sustainable development plan. This plan is flexible in order to allow buildings of different sizes that will meet various requirements and needs expressed by businesses. The stated objective is to consolidate the employment nucleus within a diversified, vibrant, sustainable environment, and thereby re-attach this isolated area to the surrounding urban fabric. The fundamental principles that guided the creative process throughout the project are: a quality environment, a permeable urban fabric, a diversity of uses and the integration of attractive public spaces.










Société de développement Angus

Surface Area

51,097 m²


2013 - 2025


LEED Platinum-ND V4

The development plan is characterized by a diverseand permeable built environment, as well as by its capacity of laying the groundwork for the creation of a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable neighbourhood. The functional program, motivated by job creation, also includes residential and commercial components to support a vibrant living environment at all times.

The urban design process comprises three segments:

  • Analysis of the target area and vicinity, including the potential impact of nearby projects currently under development on urban design and neighbourhood life;
  • Sustainable urban development, inspired by international examples and local expertise, supported by a system to evaluate proposed interventions;
  • Design of a flexible and structured architectural and real estate development program, able to evolve over time in response to the various project partners’ needs and requirements.

The creation of numerous public squares connected by an active circulation network, combined with the adoption of emerging practices in the area of urban agriculture, contributes to the creation of a quality living environment. This plan represents the roadmap with which the Société de Développement Angus will continue to develop the Technopôle and regenerate the local community.



Novae Awards - 20 best initiatives of the year


Gala de reconnaissance environnement et développement durable de Montréal - Entreprises et Institutions category


National Urban Design Awards, Architecture Canada (RAIC)


Brownie Award - Best Overall, Canadian Institute of Planners

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