Trévi – showroom


The new Trévi showroom is located in Blainville , along the Laurentian Autoroute (Highway 15). The proximity of this heavy traffic axis requires abundant signage at all times. In the daytime, the building must be distinguished from surrounding structures in terms of both its envelope work and its unique location at the intersection of the highway and the exit (28), making it a corner building. In the night, the signage of commercial architecture must explicitly highlight its prominent features, since for an observer traveling on the highway the building is in view for only a few seconds.







Surface Area

2980 m2




Groupe Montoni division Construction




Les Aciers Solider

Other Collaborators


We proposed a design comprising clean lines of high formal simplicity. The roof overhang sets it apart from its neighbours, much like the spur separates the course of Highway 15 from Exit 28, which showcases its corner location. In order to enhance this feature, we split the project horizontally with an entirely glassed-in treatment of the lower level, so as to create a blank volume in the emblematic silhouette that seems to float above the ground. At night, a glazed slit, illuminated by a backlight, cuts the upper volume in two. This impersonation of highway signage accentuates the presence of the Trévi building with the mildly provocative alternating electronic colours.

The Trévi swimming pool showroom occupies the entire ground floor, which is uniformly covered with polished concrete, so as to showcase the commercial products. This space is virtually divided into two entities, depending on the size of the items on the floor. The smaller ones are assembled in an open area crowned by a ceiling the height of which is defined by a dense, regular suspended lighting system which emphasizes the distinctive blank volume floating above the floor. This gap allows a visual opening from the interior to the exterior. The second entity, dedicated to Trévi and Val-Mart pools, is an impressive volume whose only ceiling is the roof of the building. An open-air central patio acts as a bridge between the two commercial entities. The office functions are situated upstairs so as to overlook the interior spaces, as well take advantage of full-sized bay windows looking out on the wooded site.

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