Use Planning and Architectural Design Guide for Deux-Montagnes

The Use Planning and Architectural Design Guide for Oka Road in Deux-Montagnes is part of the municipality’s commitment to revitalizing the built environment on Oka Road by proposing medium density mixed constructions. The aim of the guide is to carry out an infrastructure project on Oka Road in order to attract local residents and shops, thereby strengthening its role as the town’s main street.








City of Deux-Montagnes

Surface Area

5 200 m²



The development plan involves construction of ten buildings fronting on Oka Road, to a height of three storeys with mezzanine, housing commercial premises on the ground floor, and residential units above. The architectural treatment will be varied, and meet criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency.

The parking lot located at the end of the lot hidden behind the buildings is designed to facilitate sustainable management of rainwater and combat heat island effect, which involves conservation of a forested area, the use of permeable pavement and construction of swales and a rain garden.

Construction in the street proper has also been proposed—the addition of urban lighting, planters and the introduction of furniture—in order to foster street activity.