Provencher_Roy is a finalist in the international competition for the renewal of Block 2 of the Parliamentary Precinct in Ottawa


Montréal, April 11, 2022

In a public presentation held online today by PWGSC and Phase eins, Provencher_Roy and 5 other finalists presented their design proposal for the Block 2 renewal of the Parliamentary Precinct in Ottawa, Canada. Our architectural vision for this historical opportunity is based on a will to Restore, Reconcile, and Renew a shared belonging to Canada, weaving in the concept of Canada as a land of many Nations, honouring the importance of Indigenous people.

In the spirit of Reconciliation, we acknowledge that the Parliamentary Precinct – Block 2 rests on the unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation. Respecting Indigenous ways of knowing a Smudging Ceremony, Sacred Fire and Water Ceremony was held with Algonquin Elders to help guide and direct us on this path toward meaningful and long-lasting reconciliation.

This proposal seeks to authentically Reconcile relationships with Indigenous Peoples and the lands through conveying a sense of place steeped in Indigenous ways of knowing. Through the traditional teachings shared in the circle, the proponents aim to bring people together and encourage everyone to share and bring life to the public spaces and cultural celebrations at the “Gathering Place of Many Nations.” It proposes to Renew the historic relationship between “Town and Crown” by introducing an audacious new national symbol in the form of a vertical, stacked, light-filled agora housing Committee Rooms, entitled the “Truth and Reconciliation Tower”.  Canadian Architect, April 12, 2022.