We anticipate the continually evolving needs of our society


Provencher_Roy is an award-winning Canadian architectural firm recognized for its excellence in quality, conception, and execution.

Through an organizational model consisting of human-scale studios, the various teams are given free rein in terms of creativity, exchanges, and analytical approach, in an environment that always prioritizes the best ideas. Firmly rooted in a unified studio concept, the emerging team at Provencher_Roy continues to share the initial vision of its founders – that of always ensuring to engage in responsible interventions, in favour of the development of experience-enriching spaces and collective well-being.

Architects, urban planners, and designers intervene in the built environment, in all of its forms and scales.

Social Engagement

Particularly attuned to the transfer of knowledge, we place great importance on the university and collegial fields, highly valuing our links with many educational institutions. 

We encourage research and the transfer of knowledge through welcoming numerous interns, organizing orientation visits, and awarding prizes and scholarships. Frequently called upon to give lectures, participate in exhibitions, or lead workshops, our partners also take pride in exchanging with emerging professionals of a myriad of different backgrounds.

More widely, we openly disseminate a strong appreciation of design in Canada to the general public, thereby recognizing the important role of design in the creation of high-quality physical, social, and cultural environments. Additionally, many professionals at the firm are involved, as citizens or philanthropists, on consulting committees, boards of directors, juries, or as part of their professional orders.

Our charitable activities mainly support the mental and physical health of individuals facing challenges or in difficulty. More specifically, we are involved with the Tel-Jeunes and La Rue des Femmes organizations. We are also a faithful partner of Architecture sans Frontières, which advocates for united humanitarian architecture on an international level. In striving to create a better future for all, these forms of support are inextricably linked to our work.


Fuelled by a desire to share a renewed vision of architecture, in 1983, Claude Provencher and Michel Roy founded the Provencher_Roy firm.

The World Trade Centre Montréal project served to establish the firm at the beginning of the 1990s. This transformation of an abandoned city block in Montréal’s historic sector breathed new life into the neighbourhood, in addition to reweaving Old Montréal with the downtown core.

In the following years, Provencher_Roy welcomed new partners and made acquisitions to bring together complementary multidisciplinary services in architecture, urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture, interior design, and sustainable development (Moureaux Hauspy, Beauchamp Bourbeau, Archifin, Birtz Bastien Beaudoin Laforest architectes). Cultivating business relationships that started several years ago, this shift ensures the evolution and longevity of the firm, while shaping the next generation of dynamic and competent professionals.