Laëtitia Olivieri

Directrice des offres de service

Laëtitia Olivieri has worked in the architecture and engineering fields for over 10 years. Since 2020, she has managed the requests for proposals team at Provencher_Roy. At once cross-disciplinary and pivotal, her role spans both business development and dissemination of the firm. By virtue of her work on securing project contracts, she has the opportunity to actively participate in the opening stages of a mandate. Laëtitia’s numerous missions include ensuring to have up-to-date knowledge of her field and environment at her fingertips, to maintain ongoing awareness of the market and upcoming requests for proposals.

Laëtitia and her team attribute particular importance to submissions for constructions that are firmly anchored in society, with a significant impact on the community and future generations, such as schools, hospitals, and cultural centres. Among the notable projects they have secured is the construction of the MIFO (Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans) Cultural centre, targeting Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) – Design v2. A pioneering project long awaited by the Francophone community of Ottawa, the new centre will offer various services, in addition to cultural and athletic programming, in French.

Gifted with an abundance of energy appreciated in her position, Laëtitia also demonstrates rigour and proactivity. She performs well under pressure and excels in her leadership role in teamwork.